Everything on the earth
in between and above
Is arising from one effulgent source.
If my thoughts, words and deeds
reflected this complete understanding of unity,
I would be the peace I am seeking in this moment.

- Gayatri Mantra

All classes will be taught in hybrid mode (both live and zoom).

Meditation: the Art of Courting the Present Moment
with Nadia Puttini, MA, E-RYT 500, C-IAYT

Every Other Thursday
6 Class Series
09/16; 09/30; 10/14; 10/28; 11/11; (not 11/25 - Thanksgiving); 12/02
Virtual BareSole Yoga Studio, Zoom only, Carlisle
Cost: $150 *
Registration for all 6 required
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gathering at the well
Prayer flags in the Swiss Alps

"Yoga [which includes meditation] is the stilling of the fluctuations of the mind."
- Patanjali Yoga Sutras -

When we are caught in the fluctuations of the mind, i.e. our emotional and thought storms, we feel separate, disconnected, agitated, discontent, alone. 

Yoga and meditation teach us to still the body and the mind:

*  initially by focusing (placing our attention) on a chosen object like the breath, a sensation, an image, a sound (in the 8 limbed yoga tree it's the 6th limb - dharana).

*  eventually, once the mind is calmer, by releasing that focus so we experience the present moment, as is (the 7th limb, dhyana) which may include sounds, sensations, images, sights, smells,..  When we stop resisting the reality of what is, which is like fighting the wind, we can finally be/sit with what is (which is one of the definitions of meditation), moment by moment by moment: nothing to change, nowhere to go, nothing to do but just    BE   HERE   NOW.

Some call this process, a process of developing intimacy with our lives and what surrounds us. 

"Mindfulness [meditation], cultivated for even a few minutes,
draws the heart toward itself.  It invites the intimacy we yearn for
and that is calling to us because, ultimately, mindfulness is intimacy
- with ourselves and the world."   
- John Kabat-Zinn -

So, what does it mean to stop and be still?  How does it feel to pause and be here?  What is it like to access the quiet inherent in the present moment, the power of Now, as Eckart Tolle calls it? 

Long time yogi and meditator Danna Faulds says it like this in her poem, Presence:

"Always aware
always there,
Bare, vast,
radiant and free --
the truth of me."
(from her book, Limitless)

Join us, this fall,  to explore different ways and methods to settle the mind body, land in this moment,  and discover the stillness and peace that arise when we ABIDE.

The benefits of meditation are numerous and have been widely studied:  

  • improved, steadier mood
  • decreased cortical thinning due to age
  • increased attention, memory, emotional regulation
  • decreased stress related cortisol
  • increased immune system
  • has been found to help with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, PMS, chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, phobias and eating disorders
  • a sense of inner balance, perspective, peace and calm

The intention for this class is to
  • initiate and develop a meditation discourse that has continuity and is part of the yoga tradition
  • encourage a sustainable daily practice
  • Learn ways to bring practices into your daily living
  • be part of a group for support and sharing
  • learn techniques that work for you, that you love and that provide doorways into the inner life

Each class will include:
  • 10 min yoga warm-up
  • Pranayama (breath regulation) to support meditative practice
  • Mudra and affirmations
  • Meditations that guide us to the present moment
  • Practices you can bring into your daily living
  • Inquiry
  • Readings and quotes pertinent to the topic
  • Class recordings to support your practice
  • Email check in on the off week


Nadia PhotoNadia Puttini, owner of BareSole Yoga, holds a MA in Expressive Therapy from Lesley University, is an experienced E-RYT 500 registered Kripalu Yoga Teacher, and a C-IAYT certified yoga therapist with more than 4000 hours teaching and client hours.  She fell in love with meditation at the age of 12 and practiced intensively for a decade, gradually integrating the study of the body through improvisational movement and yoga while continuing her exploration of meditation.   Some of her favorite meditation teachers are Jonathan Foust, Richard Faulds, Sally Kempton, Richard Miller, Adyashanti, Eckart Tolle and others. Nurturing the integration of body and mind is one of her greatest passions.


Guided Grounding Earth Meditation, 13min

"Your sacred ground is where you can find yourself again and again"  Anonymous

Spacious Body, Heart, Mind: A Short Meditation, 5min

"I am a safe place"  Jill Miller

Guided Water Meditation, 10min

"Water is fluid, soft and yielding.  But water will wear away rock, which is rigid and cannot yield.  As a rule, whatever is fluid, soft and yielding will overcome whatever is rigid and hard.  This is another paradox:  what is soft is strong."  Lao-Tse

Guided Candle Light Meditation, 10min

"Go inwards and find your inner space.  Suddenly you will find an explosion of light, of beauty, of ecstasy."  Osho

Gazing With The Heart of Eternity:
A Walking Contemplation, 15min

"Only the heart is capable of recognizing others as sacred beings.  And is this not what we all long for  - to see the sacred everywhere and live in a world imbued with mystery?"  Jalaja Bonheim

So Hum, I am that which is eternal, 15min

"Do not fight the dark.  Just turn to the light.  Let go and breathe in the goodness that you are.”  Swami Kripalu


A Blissful Mudra Meditation

A Mantra Meditation

A Guided Body Scan

A Nature Contemplation Meditation

A Guided Fire Element Meditation

A Guided Earth Meditation

A Guided Meditation on the Breath

A Sound Healing Mudra Meditation


Guided Body Scan, 10min

"Embody your body"  Jill Miller

61 Points Guided Relaxation, 9min

“In the end, the invitation is that we let go of everything.”  Adyashanti

Nadia Puttini o (978) 369-7522 o nadia@baresoleyoga.com