Nadia Puttini is an exquisite yoga teacher. Her teaching is infused with rhythm, joy, and the poetry that dances through her being. She is knowledgeable and well trained but that is just the beginning. Her teaching is grounded in her deep and long-standing practice of yoga and meditation. Her classes are simply delightful. S.R.


I’ve recently become a regular at Nadia’s weekly group classes held at her studio in Carlisle. From the moment I walk in the door, until well after I leave, it's an uplifting experience. Nadia is very knowledgeable, and she does a great job of tuning into, accommodating, and guiding the group in both the physical and mental aspects of yoga practice. I’m learning a lot, and I look forward the group session each week. What a wonderful discovery right here in Carlisle! spacerS.B.

My private work with Nadia is a unique experience that made a huge difference in my life and I plan to continue it indefinitely (subject to her availability) as a foundation of my yoga practice and an integral component of my spiritual practice in general. spacerO.G.

Nadia and Bare Sole Yoga is a yoga experience like none other I have experienced. Nadia has the wonderful ability to combine true yoga with a very real spiritual practice. Her group classes are mind, body and soul opening and her family classes have changed the way my teenage girls view themselves and the world around them. Namaste Nadia. spacerJ.M.

Nadia Puttini o (978) 369-7522 o